Team Meeting
Grant Management

Let's talk about how we can improve your performance outcomes. Struggling with retention, recruitment, employment, or engagement? We are here to find the missing connection and help your organization WIN! We take your challenges and find solutions. 

Executives at Work
Staff Development

Developing talent is what we do best! We will work with your staff to give them the tools they need to be successful and productive in their role. Whatever your staff development needs are, Grindstone Workforce Solutions will develop tailored strategies to take your staff and organization to the next level.

Some areas of expertise include:

  • Recruitment, Retention and Employment Strategies

  • Creating and implementing workshops that engage your participants

  • Understanding the population your serve

CCMEP Services

Grindstone Workforce Solutions will create and deliver engaging programming that will take your participants to the next level while achieving performance metrics to meet your grants requirements. Interactive workshops are available to meet the CCMEP service requirements. Retention issues? No problem! Our consultants are effective at identifying root causes to many of the challenges and barriers our adults and OSY face. They will work with your participants and staff to work through their challenges all while completing their programming. 

We are here for you!

Consulting, coaching and contractual services available.